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Quantum Workshop

Overall the focus of this workshop was for instructional personal; however, a number of the items discussed apply to what we do as instructional designers. Primarily, I point to the five tenants of Quantum learning.

  1. Everything Speaks
  2. Everything is on Purpose
  3. Experience Before Label
  4. Acknowledge Every Effort
  5. If it’s Worth Learning, It’s Worth Celebrating

These are all things that we try to incorporate into each of our classes. When I first started I was handed a sheet with this items listed on them and not given much of an explanation. Over the past year I have picked up on what they mean but by attending the workshop I was given the why behind the what and how they integrate into a more complex system of engagement learning.

On reflection, Quantum teaching is about those “aha” moments of discovery, it is centered on engaging and energizing students in what they are doing. As instructional design specialists, we work with a team to help foster this and this workshop was an excellent reminder/nudge that this is not something we can forget when trying to meet our many deadlines.
Startl Mobile Design Boost

In November I had the opportunity to attend a four day workshop as a guest expert in online learning. The purpose of the workshop was to provide training and facilitation to mobile startup companies that wish to develop application for various types of mobile learning. The workshop itself was free to all who attended though they must first submit an application and be accepted before attending. The different groups come with an idea and by the time they leave they have a product that is nearly finished or at least headed into a direction that is more clearly defined.

Primarily my role was to work with the various groups providing feedback. For each session the “experts”, myself and nearly a dozen other people, would be paired up and we would circulate around to specific groups. Each group would give us their pitch (what they wanted to accomplish with their application/what their goals are) and then run us through what they developed or hope to develop. We would then ask question and provide feedback from each of our perspectives. The conversation became so engaging it was at times hard to remember that we had to circulate around to more than one group.

The workshop ended with each group giving their "polished" pitch for their product. I enjoyed this part as it allowed me to see how my suggestions and feedback were used to more fully develop their products and better define their purpose.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience though I have to admit I am not the best at making contacts. I did have some great conversations with ZoomMath, Sesame Workshop, Ten Marks, and IDEO.

It would be very interesting to see something like this at FLVS. Maybe something that is student focused which provided them with the tools and initial training to develop mobile applications.
Wow Foundations

Over the two days we learned about the six critical systems, engagement, and design qualities. The overview of the 10 design qualities was the most beneficial to me. I gave me insight into how to look at how we need to engage students in our courses. Before this workshop, these were not much more the words, now I have a greater understanding of how each of these items and work to incorporate them into my courses and to challenge my team when I see weak areas.

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