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I worked with Cleon Ghant to assist him with getting up-to-speed with with the various FLVS tools, sites, and procedures that an IDS needs to understand and be comfortable with to be effective within FLVS.

This began with Cleon assisting with specific tacks that needed to be completed for the course I was working on – AP Art History. This included things like creating template pages, locating images, resizing, and naming conventions. As he progressed the number of tasks assigned became more complex until he was working on full lessons and I was providing feedback with the work that did. We would typically have hour conversations going through his work where I would highlight was he did well, what needed to changed (and why), and what need to be redone (because it didn’t fit the style of the course or went against design practices at FLVS). This was probably the most beneficial as it become a starting point to conversations about how FLVS courses are put together and to discuss specifically role of the IDS.

One task I did not do but would have if the time pressure of the course had been different, would have been to reverse the roles of Cleon and myself. Instead of simply giving Cleon lessons to complete, have him take on the full IDS role for a module and essentially I would become his assistant (and advisor as necessary). I think such role reversal would be very beneficial for a new IDS as it would force them to use all of the skills they have learned but still have that safety net of a more experienced IDS to rely on as needed. I remember when I first started I was just given a course. That sink or swim attitude can be very intimidating and very stressful so a chance to run a module would help any new IDS learn the ropes without the constant worry of, “Am I doing this right?”.

Interactive Templates

During the evolution of Chemistry I developed a number of interactives whose primary purpose was to chunk content in a form that not only looked appealing but was easy to use. These interactives now reside on the shared interactive site as templates that anyone may use. Select any of the links below for examples.


I have subscribed to CartoonSmart ( This site offers immersive tutorials (in video format) across a range of subjects including everything from graphics development to animation to coding in Action Script.

I have primarily used this site to develop my graphics skills within Adobe Flash so that I can more fully develop ideas that I envision for my courses. Most recently I have developed a clipboard interactive to dress up step-throughs for math problems. All the graphics in the interactive were created within Flash using the techniques I learned from this site. To view the interactive go to Chemistry (3065) then Module 04 and Lesson 08.

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