How to avoid the deadly Ebola virus

The virus, known as EBOV, has claimed more than 4,700 lives in the West African country of Liberia, the worst hit country, but experts say that the worst is yet to come.

The virus is still spread through close contact and coughing, sneezing and touching infected people.

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A number of new Ebola patients are showing up in West Africa, including a group of five teenagers from the southern city of Monrovia who were flown to France on Monday and have been confirmed to be infected.

The French Ministry of Health has announced that the five have been isolated and will be moved to the École Polytechnique in Paris, where they will receive treatment.

The youngest was 12.

France has taken a lead role in the global response to the epidemic, deploying thousands of soldiers, troops and police to help with health workers and aid workers who have been infected in West African countries.

There has also been an increase in Ebola-related deaths in France, with a total of 759 cases in the first six weeks of the month.

The WHO estimates there are around 20,000 new cases a week.

“This is a moment of great tragedy for France and a moment when we have to be in the forefront of efforts to fight the spread of this deadly virus in Europe,” the French President Francois Hollande said in a statement.

More to come on this story.

A new wave of infections began in the country in early September and is spreading faster than before.

Since then, the WHO has reported around 3,200 cases and around 7,200 deaths, a number which has jumped to around 14,000 in recent weeks.

The death toll is increasing, with more than 9,000 people confirmed to have died from the virus in France since the start of September.

The number of deaths is rising rapidly, with about 10,000 reported so far in October, with an expected total of 40,000 cases by the end of the year.

On Monday, the country recorded its third major outbreak, with nearly 30,000 confirmed cases, the most since January.

More than 200 new cases have been reported since the beginning of October, and a further 10,400 people have been diagnosed with the virus.

It is not yet clear whether the virus will spread further to other countries in Africa, or whether the country will be able to contain the outbreak.

In the coming days, the French authorities are expected to announce further measures to prevent further spread of the virus, including an extra 1,000 police and soldiers.

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