How to plan for the storm: What you need to know

By now you have probably heard the news: The storm is headed for the East Coast.

But what about the Southeast?

That is where it will be the heaviest and most damaging storm to hit the region since Hurricane Irene in 2008.

It has been a long and treacherous road.

To be sure, this is the most dangerous storm on record.

Hurricane Sandy killed nearly 4,000 people in New York City and New Jersey, and it caused $1.6 trillion in damage across the U.S. Atlantic basin.

And it has not ended.

A year later, Sandy remains the strongest Atlantic storm to ever hit the East coast.

But with a much greater storm surge, the damage from Sandy is not just a matter of the ocean.

In fact, it is a major part of the storm’s surge.

The Atlantic has an average elevation of 6.4 feet above sea level.

The East Coast has a much higher average elevation.

That is because of the surge of water that occurs when the storm hits.

Sandy hit a coastline of 1,800 feet or more.

It could have been even higher, but that is because Sandy’s storm surge was much higher than the average inland inland sea level, which is just 1.7 feet.

The East Coast is a key area of flooding because of its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean.

The ocean is just a few miles inland, which means that the storm surge and inundation are a lot worse on the East coasts than the West.

This is because the ocean is much higher in the East, and the storm surges are much more intense.

In fact, the East is now the region that is projected to see the most damage from the storm.

If you look at the East coastal cities of Miami, New Orleans, Atlanta and Baltimore, all of which have large populations, you will find that their coastal flooding rates are higher than their coastal floodplains.

And this is because most of the water is coming inland, and because of their geography, the coast has much higher water tables than the rest of the coast.

It also makes it much more difficult for people to move their homes inland, since most of their homes are located on land that has low water tables.

In fact the worst-case scenario is that most of these coastal cities will not see any flooding at all.

And while that is certainly not a happy state of affairs, the situation will likely be improved if the storm continues to develop into the weekend.

The storm will have the potential to make life miserable for some of the region’s most vulnerable people, but it also will benefit the people of many other parts of the United States.

It is a great opportunity for people who are already struggling to make ends meet, and a great way to help those who are struggling.

There is no single storm that is going to hit every area of the East and South, but if you look in particular at Baltimore, which has been hit by Hurricane Irenee in 2010, it appears that it is going have the worst impact, particularly in the Baltimore area.

So the East will be hit hard, and many areas of the Southeast will see some of their hardest flooding yet.

It’s not going to be pretty.

But it’s not just going to happen overnight either.

The storm will continue to develop for days and then move inland, eventually turning its way to the South and the Gulf of Mexico.

For those who live in areas that are still experiencing flooding, the next few days will be especially challenging.

The floodwaters will be rising rapidly, and you will see more and more damage from these storm surges.

For those of you who live inland, it will mean you will need to consider moving.

There is no time like the present.

For some people, moving will be a matter not just of survival, but also the ability to rebuild.

If moving is not an option for you, and if you are able to move safely and are willing to do so, then you may want to consider getting a boat or a camper for the weekend to help you get out and enjoy the sights and sounds of the South, East and Gulf Coast.

If not, you should consider getting your family and friends out of the area as well.

As for those who do not have the time to move, it may not be too much of a problem for some people.

The worst-off are the ones who live and work in the suburbs, and who may have to make tough decisions about whether to move out or stay put.

But for most people, this will be an opportunity to get out, enjoy the sounds of nature, and get back to the life they were hoping for when the floodwaters started to recede. 

The National Weather Service updated the forecast for the Eastern Seaboard and Southeast on Monday.

As of this writing, the storm is expected to make landfall in Virginia

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