Why the US is so interested in ‘a new world order’

The US is now engaged in a “new world order” that it wants to “take over” and “create a new world,” according to a new advisory group it created.

The group, chaired by former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, has been pushing for an “America First” foreign policy.

The advisory group, led by former Vice President Joe Biden, said Trump “has chosen a path that does not work for the United States and his successors”.

It said the “America-First” approach had led to a “dangerous” foreign and security environment in the US.

The New World Order “will not work”, the group said in its statement.

“Our world is threatened, its societies and institutions threatened and its people threatened.

It will be hard to fix,” the group warned.

“This is a time for a new direction.

It is the time to reinvent America.”

The group said it was created in response to the US’s “disastrous” response to North Korea’s nuclear and missile tests and “the destabilising influence of Russia and China”.

It called on the Trump administration to “immediately end its nuclear arms race with North Korea” and to “negotiate a ceasefire”.

The group has not yet named any potential Trump administration officials who will lead the group.

The US military’s Pacific Command has warned the US has “the ability to destroy any country with a nuclear weapon”.

The White House on Wednesday said it would take a tougher line against China in its territorial disputes with other nations in the South China Sea, including over disputed islands in the East China Sea.

It said China has been “increasingly assertive” in recent years, including in the disputed South China Seas.

“China’s actions have increased tension in the region, which threatens regional peace and security,” the White House said in a statement.

It also said China’s “continued maritime and territorial claims, its illegal and illegal development of artificial islands and militarised shoals, its construction of artificial reefs, and its militarisation of waters” had increased tensions.

“The United States has a strong economic interest in a peaceful resolution of the South Sea conflict,” the statement said.

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