Aussie travel advisory is ‘not yet complete’

Australia is set to experience more than 40,000 air travel advisors this weekend due to an increased threat of Zika virus, with some airlines warning of a surge in demand.

Australian authorities have been warned to expect a surge of people seeking to travel to the country, which has been hit by the virus and other diseases.

The Australian government has issued travel advisances to more than 100 airports, warning of an “increasing number of people coming into Australia with travel concerns”.

The Australian Government is advising travellers to avoid travel to: Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Darwin North and Darwin South; and the Northern Territory.

The Queensland government has also issued travel advisory for travellers to Queensland, with more than 30 airports being put on alert.

The NSW government has announced travel advisions for: Darwin; Hobart; Hunter, Newcastle, Southport, Wagga Wagga, Warrnambool; and Sydney.

Other regional and remote jurisdictions in Western Australia are also being advised to consider additional travel restrictions.

The Tasmanian government has advised people to avoid “any activities that could increase the risk of exposure to Zika”.

In Queensland, the Government has issued “urgent advice” to all Queensland public health bodies to restrict travel and the state’s ports and airports to a “limited number of flights on Saturday and Sunday”.

The Queensland Health Department has advised “local authorities to limit all people and vehicles to a specified number of vehicles”.

“People in a vehicle that is not secured and secured can be monitored by police,” the department said.

The Department of Health has also advised Queenslanders to stay away from public places including beaches, parks and beaches.

“We advise people to stay out of public areas where people are playing and for the time being, not to congregate at beaches,” Queensland Health Minister Paul Tate said.

“If people are concerned about their health and want to exercise, they should exercise at home or at their place of work.”ABC/wires

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