How to spot the sun’s peak on the next sunrise

The sun will be high above the horizon when you look at sunrise.

It will be at a level of 11,942.8 kilometers above sea level (11,936.4 miles) at sunrise on Sunday, according to NASA.

And its peak will be just 1,072.6 kilometers from the horizon, or just 944 miles above sea-level.

“It’s not a particularly spectacular peak,” said Tom Tinsley, a senior meteorologist at

“But the sun will set at that point.”

Tinsie said the peak will only be visible during the day.

That means you won’t see the sunrise.

The sun won’t be in your path at all during the peak, Tinsies told SpaceWeather, which is a website for weather enthusiasts.

“The sun’s maximum will be between noon and 2 p.m.

Eastern Standard Time (EST) and the sun should be in the east-west sky.

Its brightest point is about 8 miles (13 kilometers) above the earth’s surface,” Tinsleys said.

The maximum of the sun is typically measured at noon on the morning of the Sun Day (June 23) but it’s also a good time to look up at the horizon.

Tinsius said you can still see it as a peak from your house.

“If you can’t see it well, the sun may appear brighter because of the moonlight.

This can be a sign that the moon is rising,” he said.

Tainsley said you should also look out for the shadow cast by the sun.

It is visible from a great distance from a very bright point.

That is why people should look up.

Tonsill said it’s not uncommon to see people from nearby towns looking up at sunrise or sunset.

But you should be careful to not be too focused on the sun, he said, adding that if you are standing at a very tall tree or a cliff and the moon starts to cast a shadow on you, it may be a good idea to turn your head and try to see what the sun looks like up close.

It may be hard to tell what the shadow looks like.

But if you’re near a tree or rock, you should try to look as closely as possible to get a good view of the sunset.

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