The Latest: Georgia travelers must get rid of their laptops at all times

Three and a half months after a massive data breach hit the Georgia Tech campus, travelers must have their laptops and other devices wiped clean of all sensitive information by the end of September.

Georgia Tech officials said the university is working with law enforcement and security officials to identify and take appropriate measures to ensure that students, faculty, staff and guests can continue to use the internet without risk.

The university said students, employees and visitors must get their personal computers and devices out of their lockers by Sept. 29.

The university has also set up a hotline to call if you need help.

“We will be asking students and staff to get rid off their laptops to avoid any potential security risks or breaches,” said Steve Snedeker, the vice president of business and academic affairs.

Snedeker said Georgia Tech is working closely with federal, state and local authorities on the response.

He said the school is working to identify any potential sources of data that were accessed and remove the files.

He added that students and faculty are also encouraged to ensure their personal data is not being used in any way.

In addition to the security measures, the school has also created a new website called Georgia Tech Safety Tips to provide updates on the situation.

“The university is committed to providing the highest level of protection to its students and employees, as well as ensuring the security of our systems and data,” Snedek said.

He added that Georgia Tech has implemented an enhanced system to notify students, staff, faculty and guests when a threat is detected.

The school is also taking steps to make sure that information that could be used in a security breach is deleted.

Georgia students and staffers will be asked to leave their classrooms by Sept 22, while employees will have to leave by Sept 23.

Georgia Tech will also make it easier for the public to report suspicious activity on campus, including an updated list of the school’s security protocols.

The new measures come after the Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin warning Georgia Tech students, researchers and other visitors about potential data breaches.

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