Why did the TSA not take the video of a drunk TSA agent’s drunken antics?

A TSA agent at Los Angeles International Airport was caught on video throwing a cigarette butt in a TSA security checkpoint’s smoking area and then spitting at a security guard who was attempting to pull the agent out of his chair.

The video, posted by a reader, was obtained by The Associated Press.

It shows the agent, who was assigned to the TSA’s aviation security section, standing in front of a large metal gate, with his back to the gate.

He appears to be smoking a cigarette, which is visible from the camera.

After he’s pulled out of the chair, he starts to roll down the steps and then throws his cigarette on the ground, then starts walking away.

The guard, who is watching, yells for him to stop, but the agent continues to roll on the steps.

He eventually turns around and throws the cigarette on his back.

“You better get it out,” he says.

The TSA employee who posted the video on YouTube, who asked not to be identified for fear of retaliation, said the agent was being very disrespectful to people and was making an obscene gesture.

“I just want him to get a real job,” the TSA employee said.

“And I just want to get him out of here.”

The TSA agent who posted this video of an intoxicated TSA agent, whose antics caused a TSA checkpoint to be turned into a smoking area.


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