Why this post about the Pentagon’s “top-secret” military drones is the funniest

source Reddit post title Pentagon drone announcement: We’re flying drones!

article This week, the Pentagon is unveiling the next generation of its unmanned aerial vehicles.

This drone-driven aircraft will be the most powerful, capable and versatile aircraft the US has ever fielded, capable of delivering a payload of a payload weighing more than half a ton.

But this drone isn’t the most advanced, or the most dangerous.

The most deadly drone in the world isn’t even remotely capable of killing a human being.

But if you think that’s a spoiler, you’re wrong.

The drone will be called the “Dragonfly” and it will be a joint venture between the US Army and the Chinese state-owned aerospace firm, Xiamen Aerospace.

The Dragonfly will be powered by the new Lockheed Martin C-130J Hercules transport aircraft, capable a whopping 8.7 metric tons and capable of carrying up to six passengers.

Its primary weapon is a high-resolution infrared laser-guided bomb called the Hellfire missile, capable to strike targets in up to 500 meters (2,600 feet).

The DragonFly is capable of traveling up to 7,500 kilometers (4,200 miles), and its payload capacity is estimated to be as much as 1.2 tons.

But its biggest challenge will be in the long run, as the Dragonfly has a range of only 700 kilometers (450 miles), making it the shortest unmanned aerial vehicle the US Air Force has ever tested.

That’s a small problem in a country where a human life is often in danger.

This is a nation that prides itself on its democracy and freedom, where citizens are allowed to express their views without fear of reprisal.

But while China is the world’s largest arms exporter and one of the world ‘s top militaries, its government has long been wary of the US military.

In recent years, it has begun to expand its surveillance and aerial surveillance capabilities, as it has become increasingly assertive in its claims of sovereignty over the South China Sea and in the Southwestern part of the country, and has taken advantage of its close economic relationship with Washington to establish military bases on both sides of the border.

And this is the same China that is expected to use the DragonFly to test its newest stealth fighter, the F-22 Raptor.

This new stealth fighter will carry the same advanced radar, stealth capabilities, and sophisticated sensors as the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, a fighter jet designed for combat against Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and other Iranian military forces.

But unlike the Super Hornets, the Dragonflies will be equipped with new, stealthy, and more advanced weaponry, such as a laser-guided missile, which can be used to track targets in a range up to 6,000 meters (20,000 feet).

It is not yet known if the DragonClaws will have infrared capabilities or if the aircraft will have a more powerful laser-equipped weapon.

The military is also looking at other potential uses for the DragonFlying, including in space.

The Pentagon has already ordered up to 200 of the drones, and they will be used for reconnaissance and to provide a platform for the US Navy to conduct aerial reconnaissance over the ocean.

And with the US now leading the way in testing and developing its stealth fighter program, the US could be the first country in the region to have a truly stealthy aircraft capable of performing missions of a scale.

The United States has a history of being a major arms exporters, but the US government has always been cautious of China, even as China has been pursuing its own military modernization.

That is because China’s military is far more technologically advanced than the US, and the United States is not considered an advanced military power by China.

This has led to a lot of frustration between the two countries, with both sides accusing the other of “stealing” technology.

The US has been reluctant to cooperate with China, but now the US is increasingly wary of China and it is hoping to use its stealthy fighter program to test a new system that can do more than simply destroy incoming missiles.

The U.S. has also seen the potential of the Dragonflight to help it defend against future attacks, as well as potentially use it for surveillance.

While the DragonFighters are likely to be the only military aircraft the U.K. and France will have flying in the coming decades, the Chinese military may have other uses for their aircraft, too.

The Chinese government recently unveiled plans for a new stealth jet fighter, a new submarine, and even a new aircraft carrier.

It is unclear how many other countries in the Middle East and Africa will have access to these technologies, but they are sure to become more important as the region becomes more militarized.

China is also building its own version of the F1 racing series, known as the Supercar series.

The new Super

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