When you think of ‘Titanic’ stars, what come to mind? We’ve all been there

When it comes to the “Titanics” star Michael Phelps, his family and the Olympic Games are probably the most iconic images from the 1980s.

However, it’s not all about the Olympics.

While there are a few memorable moments from the film that we might recognize, here are a couple of other more lesser-known moments that may not have quite the same significance.

The first one is the one where Michael Phelps is trying to swim against the tide in the Olympics, only to be stopped by the crowd.

As the tide begins to recede, he turns around to check if his friend Alex Dowsett has been left behind.

However Alex is gone, so Michael is left holding his water bottle.

The next time the tide recedes, Michael turns around and checks to see if his girlfriend Katie Ledecky is still in the pool.

Unfortunately, she is, so it seems that Katie has also been left at home.

Michael Phelps (left) and Katie Lodecky (right) in the 1980 film ‘Titans’.

(Courtesy: The Walt Disney Company)While the scene might have seemed ridiculous at the time, it wasn’t until years later that the real-life Olympians discovered it.

A few years later, the Ledecks shared the following message on social media.

The message was received by the Lodecks on April 17, 2018.

“The Ledeks love you guys for all you do and for your love of sports, we’re proud to say we still support you, the Phelps family and we are happy to announce we are staying at your house tonight,” the message read.

“We know you’ll be happy to see us as we enjoy the memories we have shared with you, we are grateful for the love you have for our family.”

The Lodeks have also shared a photo of the Ladeckys and Michael swimming in the water together.

“The moment that I saw Katie swimming against the tidal wave is still the most surreal moment of my life,” Michael Phelps said in the post.

“You guys are incredible!

The Ledebs are amazing too.

We’ve both always been so close.

We always knew what was going to happen when we met and how important that was for each other.

I’m proud of you all for doing what you do.”

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