Feds issue travel advisory for Illinois as fc crackdown heats up

In a tweet on Monday, the Department of Justice issued an advisory about “federal law enforcement activities that may be taking place in Illinois.”

The federal law enforcement officials cited are “state and local law enforcement and immigration enforcement agencies,” according to a Justice Department statement.

“The Department urges state and local governments and their employees to take all appropriate steps to protect themselves from criminal and other threats,” the department said.

“Federal law enforcement agencies are required to comply with state and federal laws.”

The Department of Homeland Security also issued an alert on Monday saying that the “United States continues to face a severe threat of terrorism and acts of violence in the United States.”

DHS said that it is “aware of ongoing incidents of domestic violence, sexual assault and other violent crime, including acts of terrorism, across the United State and the world.”

In the statement, the department also said it is in contact with law enforcement about “threats from foreign countries and terrorist organizations.”

“The department will continue to work with state, local, tribal and private agencies to identify and disrupt terrorist groups and individuals, and we encourage people to report threats to the Federal Bureau of Investigation,” the statement said.

Feds tighten up on state-run websites As many as 30 states and several cities are scrambling to combat the spreading threat of the virus.

On Monday, California’s attorney general issued an emergency order to shut down a number of websites.

On Tuesday, the Washington state governor asked state officials to close down websites used by the Department for Health and Human Services, which is investigating the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Officials in Texas also said they would shut down their state websites, including those that serve people with pre-existing conditions.

On Thursday, officials in Ohio said they will shut down all of the state’s health care websites and take the sites offline.

The Ohio Department of Health has been in contact throughout the week with local health departments, the state attorney general said in a statement.

The state’s Health Department and the Ohio Department for Community Mental Health have been working together to coordinate and manage the state-wide shutdown.

On Friday, the governor of Oregon said the state would be shutting down all federal health care services.

The governor of Massachusetts said he was working with state health officials and the U.S. Department of Education to shut its state-based websites.

“We are working together with our federal partners to shut off federal funding and resources to the Oregon Health Authority, including the Oregon Public Health Center, for the next 48 hours,” Gov.

Charlie Baker said.

Massachusetts’ state officials are asking people to call the state hotline, 1-800-822-3364, and stay with the emergency numbers until the state shuts down.

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