FourFourTimes: Three key stories on the latest round of travel advisories

Three key travel advisors in Italy are under attack by Italian authorities, who have threatened to cancel all upcoming trips to the country.

The latest travel advisory from the European Commission, issued on Monday, was issued after the UK Government made similar warnings.

It said the country’s “emergency situation” is “very serious” and warned that travel to the UK was “highly at risk”.

The EU says Italy is not a “priority country” for EU citizens.

In the latest warning, Italy’s government issued an advisory saying the country has a “serious emergency situation” and the country is “at high risk”.

In response, Italian authorities have been threatening to cancel the travel of British and other EU citizens, and said their travel plans would be suspended.

The European Commission has issued travel advisions before in the UK, including one in 2016 that said travel to London and the Isle of Wight could be suspended due to the EU’s migrant crisis.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May is facing criticism from some of her Conservative MPs for not acting on the travel advisory.

In an interview on ITV News, May said she did not know whether EU citizens had been harmed by the British government’s response to the crisis, and the UK is still in the process of deciding whether to reopen the UK’s borders.

“We’ve been asked by the European Parliament to give the EU our position on the issue,” she said.

We will take the advice of our European partners on the matter.” “

I can confirm that we are working on it.

We will take the advice of our European partners on the matter.”

The EU’s travel advice says the UK will be affected by the crisis because it has “a very high-risk situation”.

In the past, the UK has been at the centre of the crisis in Europe, with the number of migrants arriving on the continent rising to record levels in the wake of a devastating flood in 2016.

Many of those arriving in Europe from Africa and the Middle East are from sub-Saharan Africa, a country that is currently not under the control of the EU.

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