Why You Need to Consider an Emergency Travel Warning for Dense Fog and the MTC Service

Travelers should consider the following precautions when traveling through dense fog on Saturday and Sunday: Stay away from open areas and keep your eyes peeled for blazes and blisters that could be hazardous to you and others.

Stay away if you are blind or have trouble seeing well in dense fog.

Follow local weather advisories.

Avoid large crowds, especially in major cities.

Stay in your vehicle when traveling alone.

If you need to take shelter, take a friend or relative with you.

If someone is seriously injured or killed, call 911 immediately.

If your vehicle is stolen or damaged, report it to law enforcement.

If the temperature drops to 10 degrees or below, you should be careful to stay inside or in a vehicle that has a windshield or side windows.

You should be sure that your vehicle has an airbag.

If a thunderstorm is forecast, call an airline or hotel and ask for an evacuation alert.

If there is a strong wind, you may be able to see an area of high clouds.

If this is the case, stay in the vehicle and stay away from the high winds.

If an emergency does occur, call the local police or emergency management agency.

If no emergency has occurred, get help immediately and get to a safe place as soon as possible.

You may need to leave your vehicle in a place that does not have windows.

Do not try to remove the windscreen.

If possible, get into the car with a friend and drive to the nearest hospital, clinic or emergency room.

Do NOT drive into the crowd.

Do the opposite and drive slowly into the dense fog, and try to stay away.

If necessary, remove the windshield and move to a safer location.

Get a weather alert from your phone or the National Weather Service, or contact your local MTC.

If any conditions in the area of the storm are unsafe, seek medical attention immediately.

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