U.S. president signs sage grouse control order

The president signed an order Wednesday directing federal agencies to limit the use of the sage groupe as a hunting and fishing resource.

The order also directs the Fish and Wildlife Service to limit wild horse and burros to 300 square feet per person in public parks and wildlife areas.

The executive order does not set a deadline for implementation, which could happen as early as April.

The orders were part of a sweeping executive order aimed at addressing concerns about sage groues’ impacts on sagebrush, a large swath of the northern sagebrush forest that covers nearly three-quarters of the U.M.A. state.

It’s also a rare example of a president using the president’s authority to issue an executive order, instead of the president himself issuing a statement.

The president’s announcement was met with applause at a news conference.

The announcement comes just days after the Fish & Wildlife Service issued a draft rule to allow hunters and trappers to kill the animals in a designated hunting and recreation area.

A second draft rule allows people to kill all species of wild horses and burro, which are considered pests and threats to sagebrush habitat.

The two rule changes are among the many changes announced by President Donald Trump as part of his “War on Wildlife” efforts.

They came amid a public relations push by the administration aimed at making sage groue conservation a top priority.

While the administration has been trying to curb the use and expansion of sage grouses as a trophy species, the public health impacts of the animals have been well-documented, with at least 12 deaths attributed to the animals during the Obama administration.

The White House issued the executive order as part a larger effort to protect sage grouese.

The sage grouep is one of the largest wild mammals in the United States, with more than 300 species.

Its numbers have been declining for decades as the climate has warmed and more areas of the country are becoming warmer.

The United States lost nearly 3 million sage grouper in the first three years of the Trump administration, a loss of more than 30 percent.

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