When your kid gets sick, don’t panic about school travel

A mother with three children in her first grade class has posted a parental advisory that warns of the risks of school travel to and from Florida. 

She wrote on Facebook that her kids have been sick, including two who have died. 

“I’m so tired of hearing that it’s not safe to travel to school,” the mother wrote.

“It is not.

It’s just not.” 

The mother, who has a 10-year-old and two younger children, said she was worried about her students being hurt. 

In a Facebook post, the mother said the school system is not providing her with an alternative way to educate her kids. 

The posts come as Florida is trying to get through a Zika outbreak, which has claimed at least 6,000 lives, with one of its largest health crises in decades. 

Florida’s state health commissioner said Wednesday the state is “fully prepared” for the Zika virus and has not seen any cases in the state in more than three weeks. 

(AP Photo/Matt York) Florida officials have not issued a travel advisory or any other guidelines for people traveling to and returning from Florida, and there are no reports of any travel advisories in place. 

According to Florida’s Department of Health, the state has seen only six confirmed cases of Zika, the most of any state, and one death. 

While the state will not start warning people to travel, it will offer up a few things people should know. 

It is recommended to limit your children to two or three people when traveling. 

People should not go anywhere alone and they should not leave any personal items unattended, such as phones, wallets or keys. 

If you’re pregnant or have a baby, you should stay home and avoid being near other pregnant women. 

Be prepared to deal with your own travel plans. 

Travelers should have an exit plan in place if they have any problems. 

Stay home if you feel like you’re going to be late for class or your child needs to stay with you. 

Make sure you are well-prepared with an emergency kit that includes food, medication and other essentials. 

Parents and caregivers can also stay at home if they are not comfortable with going outside, especially when temperatures are low.

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