Chicago Travel Advisory to Parents: “It’s Important to Note That ‘Chicagoland’ Has a High Crime Rate”

“Chicagos are a little known region in the United States, and they’re actually more dangerous than other cities in the US,” said Matt Ritchie, CEO of The Ritchie Group, which works to increase understanding of and knowledge about crime in the area.

“They have a reputation for being a little bit more violent, but they’re a little more violent than other urban areas.”

Ritchie said he thinks Chicago has a good chance of being a safe city for families, because there’s a lot of crime prevention programs.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that Chicago has one of the safest cities in America, and that’s a big factor in this,” Ritchie added.

But Ritchie and his company are trying to get parents to take extra precautions.

They’re offering a free travel advisory to parents with children under 18 who visit Chicago and New York City.

Chicago police are offering advice on how to talk to their kids about crime, but Ritchie’s firm says it’s also trying to encourage parents to keep tabs on their own kids, too.

“It may not be something that we’re doing in every city, but we think it’s a great idea,” Ritchys said.

“We want to get as much information out as we can about our children.”

Ritchies’ advice for parents who live in Chicago is simple: “Be smart, but not too smart,” Rieff said.

If you have a problem, contact police.

“I think that’s really the most important thing,” Ritwell said.

Chicago Public Schools says it has a “crime prevention program” that works with Chicago police and school districts to help prevent crime.

“The Crime Prevention Program has been in place since the 1980s to help address the high number of crimes, and we will continue to work closely with CPS, school districts and local law enforcement to combat crimes and prevent them from happening in the future,” a CPS spokesperson told the Chicago Tribune in a statement.

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