What you need to know about parental advisory content

Google has updated its guidelines on what users can and cannot do with their children’s content, after a backlash against its original “Parental Advisory” content guidelines.

The changes are a significant one, as Google says it has received a lot of feedback from parents about the content on its platform.

The company says it wants to make sure parents have control over the content they share with their kids.

The guidelines state that “Parents should not be able to decide what children see or share with them, and should not control what content they can and can’t see.”

The guidelines also specify that parents must “act responsibly when sharing content or using the service with children.”

There is also a list of the things that parents can do, such as: • “Require parents to select the option to enable parental notification, or to prevent parental notification altogether.

• Require parents and/or their children to agree to the content before it can be viewed, or require parental consent when the content is to be shared with children.

• Make parents aware of what content their children are viewing and how to change their childrens settings on the service.”

The update also removes “parental control” and “parent control over access to their child’s personal data” from the list of content controls, but it includes a section about “providing parents and children with more information about how the service works and how parental control can help.”

Read moreThe changes are part of a broader push to make the platform more family-friendly.

The updates are designed to address concerns about children’s access to “family-friendly” content, such that “the parent’s or guardian’s primary role should be to provide information, advice and support to the child and the child’s family.”

Parents should also be “proactive” when sharing information with their child and using the social network to provide feedback, Google says.

The new guidelines also say that “parents should be able and should expect to be able, to access content on the Google service.”

Google says that “some parents have raised concerns about content on Google Parental Advisory, and we have taken action to address these concerns.”

This is “part of our ongoing commitment to improve the way we serve parents on Google,” according to a Google spokesperson.

In addition, the company says that it is working on a “new set of parental control controls for parents and guardians, which will include a way to manage access to information, as well as a better way for parents to control the content that their children see and share with the family.”

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