How to Get to Kenya and Why you Should Always Leave Your Passport in Mexico

Kenya is home to some of the world’s most dangerous border crossings, but it’s also a place where you can get to anything in Mexico without ever leaving the country.

Here are a few tips for making the most of your trip to Mexico.


Don’t wait until your passport expires.

It’s usually only in the third or fourth week of your passport expiration that you should really consider leaving your passport in Mexico.

In fact, the Mexican government is so concerned about people smuggling that they sometimes cancel passports and limit how long they can stay in the country in case of an emergency.

If you can avoid that, the safest way to make the most out of your stay is to leave your passport at home.


Be careful when buying a ticket to Mexico from the United States.

You’ll probably be able to find cheaper tickets for a few days, but there’s a big chance that your first trip to Kenyas tourist destinations will cost you a lot more than you would with the cheapest flights.

If that’s the case, try to make your first visit to Mexico cheaper by using cheaper ticket prices.


If it’s your first time in Mexico, it might be worth it to have a friend with you.

Mexico is an open and accepting country and it’s possible to get a good feel for the country by visiting locals and seeing what they have to offer.

If your first couple of visits to Mexico are going well, you might want to take a friend along to help you plan your trip.


Don the hat and bring a camera.

While you can expect a lot of people to be in uniform at all times in Mexico and the country is not particularly safe, you can make an effort to stay as inconspicuous as possible.

It doesn’t hurt to wear a hat and a mask.

If possible, bring a pair of cameras.


Get a Mexican passport.

You’re going to want to get an official Mexican passport for Mexico in the United State if you plan to visit the country regularly.

The government is constantly changing the rules and will be less likely to cancel your passport, but they’re generally more reliable and more likely to issue you a new one when you need it.

Even if you don’t have a Mexican-issued passport, you should still make sure that you get one that has your name, birthdate, and passport number on it. 6.

Be prepared.

You can buy your own ticket in Mexico but you should definitely have a trusted friend or family member with you to get your passport stamped in the first place.

If traveling with family or friends, they can also help you get the stamps you need to get on the back of the passport.


Take a picture with your passport.

While there are lots of ways to take pictures of your visa, the most popular are to take the picture on a cellphone, a digital camera, or a flash card reader.

There are also plenty of websites and apps that let you take a photo of your official passport.


Get the most comfortable and comfortable clothes you can.

It is absolutely essential to bring comfortable clothing in Mexico if you’re going with your family or going for a long weekend.

Even though there’s usually no line at the border crossing, you’ll want to wear light clothing, which will keep you warm and keep your body warm, as well as your passport from getting dirty or falling off.


Make sure your passport has your date of birth and your passport number.

The best time to take this is on your last day in Mexico before your trip, as it’s likely that you’ll be asked to present your passport to a government official.

You may also want to bring a copy of your birth certificate with you, as Mexico requires the government to keep a record of your citizenship for a certain number of years.

When you get a new passport in the mail, make sure to get it stamped and include the date and time it was sent.


Be respectful of the customs officer.

If the customs official asks you to show your passport for inspection, you don.

They can’t check everything for you, so don’t be offended or rude.

You should just say that you have a copy and that it’s important that you show it to them.

If they don’t, politely explain that you’re just going to have to leave it there, and give them your passport numbers.

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