How to choose a safe holiday destination for children

Google has released an advisory on how to choose the best holiday destination to send your kids for a family holiday.

The company is urging parents to take into account the age, health and safety requirements, and whether the destination is safe to travel on and how the weather is going to affect the holiday. 

The company warns parents to: “Think about the weather before you go.

Weather can change rapidly, especially when you travel to areas with high winds and heavy rains, especially in the north-west.” 

It also advises parents to “consider what your children are wearing and if it is safe for them to wear.

Wear shoes, gloves and a hat if you are walking or riding a bike, and wear a safety belt if you drive.” 

Google also warns that: “In extreme weather conditions, including hail, tornados, and heavy rainfall, children may be vulnerable to suffocation or drowning.” 

The Google Travel Advisory says parents can read the full advisory here.

Google is also urging people to:  “Make sure they have their phones, tablets and computers ready, as these devices can easily become lost, stolen or stolen again.” 

Parents can read more about how to ensure the safety of their children here. 

And to “take care of their phones as they are on their phones in your pocket”. “

Have them turn the ignition off and let them be in their own car.” 

And to “take care of their phones as they are on their phones in your pocket”. 

“It is best to keep your phones away from children as this can result in accidental charges.” 

Finally, Google advises parents not to use their phone for any other purpose except for calls and texts, including: “Take your children to the shops and restaurants only. 

Avoid texting while you are shopping. 

If you need to contact them, ask them to send a text or call. 

Be considerate and respectful of the person who is calling you.” 

A Google spokesperson said:  “We are committed to making our products, services and experiences as safe as possible, and we make it clear to our customers that they must adhere to all applicable safety guidelines, including ensuring that their phones are safe and that they do not leave them in their car, and not to give children access to them or share them in any way. 

We also take safety very seriously, and as we look at our products and services, we will work to improve the safety and security of our products. 

For more information on Google, see our Google News coverage.

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