What is the ‘parental Advisory Voting System’ and how is it different to ‘parent’ voting?

Updated September 30, 2019 07:20:58A travel advisory group is recommending that parents should vote in the upcoming Queensland election.

Key points:The advisory group said parents can choose to opt in or opt out of voting for up to 30 days, depending on their age and preferencesParents can also opt out if they are currently a voter, or are planning to be one for the next three yearsThe Queensland Government is seeking feedback on its proposed ‘parent advisory voting system’ during a public consultation, the State Government said.

The advisory board of the Queensland Travel Advisory Group said it will hold a public meeting on Tuesday to hear the public’s views on the system and how it would work in the state.

The meeting will be at the State Parliament in Canberra, where the State government has also released a consultation paper, which includes advice on how to implement the system.

“We are proposing to introduce a ‘parent Advisory Voting’ system,” the Queensland Government said in its consultation paper.

“Parent advisory voting allows parents to elect members of their household to serve as an ‘advisory board’ on behalf of their children.”

This will allow the electorate to take a decision about the interests of their child’s interests.

“The Queensland Travel advisory group recommends that parents can opt in to the system, which will be used in three phases: Phase 1: Parents are allowed to select one of the following members: An elder An older child An adult The first phase is for parents to select members to be an elder, an elder and an adult.

The first person to reach 100 per cent support in voting in a local council will be elected to the advisory board. 

Phase 2: The advisory committee members will vote for a council member on their behalf to serve on the advisory council, and vice versa.

Phase 3: After two years, the advisory committee member will be appointed to the Queensland Legislative Council.

The advisory voting systems are already in use in South Australia, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania.

In South Australia the advisory group was set up in May 2019, and is looking for feedback from the community.”

It’s about time we were able to have some real discussions about this issue,” Queensland State Council for Health Director Professor John Llewellyn said.”

For a number of reasons, including the current climate, we’re not seeing a lot of public consultation on this.

“Parents in South Africa have an elected advisory body, which they can choose if they’re currently a member of their local council or are going to be so soon that they’re no longer a member.”

Professor Llewelyn said the advisory voting process was also seen in Western Australia.

“We know that when parents have a preference to go ahead with voting, that their children get a say,” he said.

He said the decision to introduce the system in Queensland was also about ensuring it would be used for a more inclusive and fair voting system.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the State was looking at a number different options to implement a similar system in the next two years.

She said the state would work with the advisory advisory group to make the best decision for Queenslanders.

“[The advisory system] will allow parents to make their own choices and we will work with them to ensure that the system is successful for all Queenslanders,” Ms Palaszzuk said. 

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